The beauty of children

What an extreme pleasure it was to work with these two beautiful little girls.  Being in North Carolina was wonderful all by itself but this shoot made it just about perfect.  So much fun, girls!

Julia from Charlotte!

It’s been a great spring so far, with the bunny shoots (where no bunnies were hurt and I took all the necessary pre-cautions to ensure their safety), and here are some images from a recent shoot in Charlotte.  Julia!  Isn’t she beautiful?!

a new family… The Beatty’s


The essence of children

Though I have expanded and branched out since I first started in photography, I often come back to what I first enjoyed about portraiture… capturing the essence of children.  I love their innocence.  Their joyfulness.  Here are a few of the images that express those things.

Some of my wonderful clients…

… Thank you all for allowing me to capture you and your families and for letting me share those images here on my blog!

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